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An oak dining table has always been considered a luxury acquisition. Natural and Solid wood furniture looks aesthetic, beautiful, considerable and is characterized by ergonomics, reliability, and practicality in operation. A special place among wooden tables is occupied by an oak dining table: it has been considered an honorable tree since ancient times when it was used for decoration of houses.

Modern oak dining table models are beautiful and characterized by properties that bring great benefits to their owners: not only practical but also health. Large oak dining tables are massive models designed for living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms.

The choice of oak structures is due to a number of advantages it offers over other wood products:

  • the durability of the product, approximately amounting to at least half a century
  • the ability to create an individual table, made of oak to order - the material is pliable to the master and allows us to realize the most unique and unexpected fantasies of the customer
  • water resistant
  • protected from rot and insects
  • easily withstands external mechanical stress
  • resistant to deformation (this is especially important for dining groups because the furniture for meals is regularly subjected to mechanical and thermal influences)


Natural and Solid wood furniture is durable, beautiful, and makes an impression in any home. Wooden tables in particular are reliable and practical. That's why choosing natural and solid oak dining tables in UK combines the best of both worlds, ensuring you have an ergonomic-friendly, functional piece without sacrificing style or complementary features.

The best oak dining tables fetch a high price tag, but there are several reasons for that; oak furniture specializes in strength, grain, tanning, and durability.

Top oak dining tables resist compression and weight well, but it does increase the overall weight. That's why oak tables are usually chunky and thick; it needs strength to hold itself up.

Oak grain markings are prominent and offer a visual appeal that is noticeable from a distance. Compare that to pine furniture, which has subtler and thinner grain in a softer encasing. Thicker grain is what makes oak the better material, especially for those who prefer rural architecture.

Tannin is an organic substance found in several kinds of wood, including oak. It's a bitter compound that creates a deep orange hue, which is why alcohol manufacturers prefer oak wood casks to flavor whiskey and wine. Why does this matter to furniture? Tanning resists bugs and mold, contributing to the oak's longevity.

Finally, durability is the number one factor to consider when buying a table. What happens if you spill something on the table? Can you clean it off? What if you drop something heavy on it? Oak tables are enduring but porous, but you can prevent problematic spillages with a suitable varnish as extra protection.

Although the initial cost may be off-putting at first glance, furniture made out of oak wood is a worthy investment. Not only will it hold up over the years, but it also has all the properties needed to complement any style in any home.


At CosyWood, we have a fondness for oak; after all, it's a hardwood that's perfect for furniture. With proper care, oak dining tables can last a lifetime. Here's how to keep your oak dining table in pristine condition:

  • Make sure you buy from a trusted manufacturer like CosyWood.
  • Varnish your furniture once a year or one in two years to create a lasting seal and nourish the wood.
  • Clean the surface daily using a damp cloth and hardwood-friendly cleaning products.
  • Keep your table away from direct sunlight, air-conditioned rooms, and conservatories to prevent damage.


We should also mention the environmental friendliness, incredible strength and attractiveness of an oak dining room table. A natural and solid oak table purifies the air, has a beneficial effect on health and charges the house by infusing the energy of nature. This is due to the release of essential oils. Furniture is worth buying for rooms with high humidity: over the years, the resistance of the material to moisture and climate changes also increases.

The guarantee of durability is explained by resistance to mould and insect pests. Usually, these interior items are used by more than one generation of the family. An oak table should be bought because of the natural attractiveness of the material. The finish of the model is original and refined, and if so desired, can incorporate carving decorations, preserving the integrity for many years.

However, as with any other wooden furniture, the manufacture of which is often made to order, an contemporary oak dining table has some special nuances. To guests at the table to feel comfortable, each person should be allocated about 60 centimeters of free space, and chairs should be easily placed near it, without disturbing anyone.


There are two types of table designs that we offer at Cosywood:

  • Usual
  • Extending dining table

The first is static and does not transform. The second option is convenient because a small table can instantly turn into a table of impressive size. Such a table is simply indispensable in a situation where the room is small, and there are a lot of guests.

The form of modern oak dining table can also be different. You can choose a chunky oak kitchen table with a rectangular tabletop; this table will fit perfectly into any room. A good option with square shapes, but there is one "but" - it does not fit a lot of people.

If the kitchen is spacious, it is better to choose a table with a round or oval top. It can be placed in a small kitchen. An oak dining room table and bench set will be a spectacular addition to any interior or landscape design.


The advantages of ordering an oak dining table bench from our company are as follows:

  • A wide range of products. We will offer original solutions that will immediately attract your attention.
  • Our goods are price-effective. The sale of products is carried out on favourable terms, as we are the sole manufacturer and do not work with intermediaries.
  • Guaranteed quality of products.

Contact us at CosyWood! We will be happy to help you to accentuate your space with a good, natural and solid oak table.

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