A Tailor-made Solution for a Bespoke Tailoring Studio

We were asked to design and fabricate a set of multi-level storage units and round fitting room pole by the Artefact London, a Bespoke Tailoring Studio at New Bond Street, 75.

Each piece of furniture was supposed to have specific dimensions, to be a combination of certain shelves and drawers of solid wood, and metallic tubes of different height.

The task was complicated by providing a perfect matching of colour with that of already existing furniture and interior elements.

In collaboration with Anastasia @zazazzzy, we elaborated the project and a provided a truly unique solution.
As you can see, the rail parts have a perfect height for fitting numerous jackets or coats, and the shelves provide plenty of space for keeping boxes and small objects. Robust steel pipes are sturdy and can hold a good amount of weight.

A perfect taior-made solution; check it out - it's really cosy!